Electric Daisy Carnival Vegas coverage ahead

Colin Young-Wolff

This weekend, the traveling dance music bacchanal Electric Daisy Carnival comes to Las Vegas. For those who are still bummed that it's skipping Denver this year or just can't afford the trek and want to live vicariously, we've got ya covered. Beginning tomorrow morning, our top-notch West Coast-based electronic music writer Dennis Romero will be covering the scene from top to bottom. Also on the premises will be...

Colin Young-Wolff

...these ladies (maybe) and our ace photographer Christopher Victorio. Expect documentation of not only the sights and sounds, but on-the-ground reporting on everything new, cool, bogus and, uh, stumbling. Be sure to check in, or just look for links on the various social networks you're following us on -- you are following us, right? If not, you can remedy that below.

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