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Reader: Elton John's Music Will Continue to Be a Treasure

Reader: Elton John's Music Will Continue to Be a Treasure
Kyle Harris
Elton John brought his farewell tour to Denver this week, performing two packed concerts. Our photographer was there, and captured the scene in a slideshow, "Elton John Says Goodbye to Denver."

Music editor Kyle Harris was also there, and offered an expanded look at John's music, his career and what his activism meant in his review of the Elton John concert.

Readers lucky enough to attend have shared their own thoughts. Says Justin:  
I saw Wednesday night's concert and it was fabulous! Elton is such a great performer. I'm so happy I got to see Elton on his farewell tour. I also thought this article summarizing his career was well-written. Elton is such a great person who is filled with talent, compassion, style and uniqueness. His music will always be a treasure for generations to come, and I know I will always remember this fabulous concert I got to witness.  
Adds Belinda: 
If you couldn’t feel the emotion in the music last night, then you must be dead. The show was amazing! Wife and I were dancing like little kids to "Crocodile Rock"!!!
Counters Jeff: 
I was at the Thursday concert with my wife. I have been an Elton fan for 40 years but was disappointed in this final concert. To start with, the sound was some of the worst I have experienced at the Pepsi Center, over-amped and way over-bassed. I could see the sound board where I sat and could see it way out of line. The sound can actually be quite good there for concerts, but this was beyond bad. It was botched. Next was the selection: It was a rock concert, not a pop concert, and Elton is the King of pop music, not of rock music. He played the few hits as rock pieces and the only real musicality were the jazz riffs at the end. The band was fantastic, top to bottom, but I did expect that for his finale tour he would be playing more of a selection of his platinum Hits than his rock misses. The graphics detracted from the music and I found they did not add to the show, except maybe for "Rocket Man."   I wish him the best but I will have to go play my old CDs to recover the memories.
Mike has words for reviewer Kyle Harris, too: 
Way to boil an incredible career down to nothing more than identity politics. BTW, how was the show?
Responds Kera: 
Given that you didn't attend, let me let you in on the fact that Elton John himself spent a great deal of the show (and, you know, his career) on "identity politics." Harris didn't boil anything down, he wrote about the show John put on, which was brimming with the concept you're sniffing at.
Concludes Bill: 
Sir Elton is a genius.
While the fans rocked out to his music, John lavished praise on both his fellow musicians and his fans.

After each song, Harris reported, he would stand, bang his hand on the piano, and look toward the crowd, mouthing his thanks. He thanked them for purchasing his eight-tracks, records, cassettes, CDs and merch over the years. But most of all, he thanked them for buying tickets and showing up to his concerts.

“I love to get a response from another human being,” he told the audience. “And, boy, have you responded.”

Were you at either of Elton John's final concerts in Denver? What did you think? Post a comment or email your thoughts to
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