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Eprom at Quixote's

If aliens and sentient vintage arcade machines got together and made hip-hop, it would sound a lot like Eprom. Since that will probably never happen, it's lucky that we actually have Eprom to meld tortured breakbeats, mind-warping soundscapes and gut-wrenching bass in perfect measure. On tracks like "Ghost Hunter"  and "Mr. Wobbles," he incorporates a mad palette of ray-gun zaps, madly oscillating synthesizers and what sounds likes UFOs landing, but anchors them to solid, head-nodding beats and funky bass lines. He also puts an MC into the mix from time to time, to surprisingly good effect for such out-there material. DJs, including Starkey, the Glitch Mob and Bassnectar, have featured Eprom's tracks, while his own sets walk a fine line between traditional DJ work and live remixing. Hear for yourself on Friday, January 22, at Quixote's (formerly Owsley's, at 2151 Lawrence Street).

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