Esi Juey has a "hundred-round clip of hits"

Born Jewel Cameron III, Esi Juey was born in California, and he moved around as a child, living in places like Ohio, before eventually landing in the Mile High City. One of the most promising local rappers to emerge in recent years, he's swinging for the fences. "I'm trying to hit a homerun," the rapper declares. "There is really no other reason to do it. Right now we are going on pure talent, with no money behind us or a big label. Everything you have seen this far is pure talent."

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Esi Juey's talent is apparent from F U Pay Me, his mixtape hosted by DJ Ktone, to the quality of songs like "Bring Me the Chalupa" and his features on tracks like Innerstate Ike's "Broncos Anthem." Not only has his output spurred a slew of requests for collaborations, but it's even inspired one fellow MC to comment, "He has a hundred-round clip of hits."

Esi Juey has a bevy of unreleased material -- including over five mixtapes plus an album's worth of music, in which he tackles almost every sub-genre of hip-hop, from songs tailored to the ladies to tracks loaded with knowledge -- but he's not in a hurry to release music just to release it. "I just want to put it out right," he explains. "Anyone can put music out, but If you don't put it out right, whats the point? My next single could be 'Juey the Hammer' or 'Paper Cuts,' but I'm not sure. I'm working towards an album release, so it will be soon."

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