Ever dream of owning your own club? Here's your chance to own the Rocket Room.

Well, have you ever dreamed of owning your own club? Here's a chance to put your money where your mouth is. Taking a cue from Wisconsin's fan-owned NFL franchise, Shalonda and Dave Cantrell, current owners of the Rocket Room in Colorado Springs, have come up with a rather innovative idea for saving their club: turning it into a veritable co-op.

Following a tough year of costly, unexpected venue repairs and faced with the prospect of having to close a business they had invested so much time, money, and emotional energy into, Rocket Room owners Shalonda and Dave Cantrell have decided to let necessity become the mother of invention.

"We had a person ask us what can the community do to help?" recalls Shalonda. "We both said jokingly: 'Buy the place!' At that moment a light went off. We looked at each other, and my husband said, 'Let's be like the Green Bay Packers and let the fans own us.'"

So what can you expect to get in return for your stake in the Rocket Room? "As a share holder," says Shalonda, "you own whatever percentage of the bar that you purchase. You will be placed on the Board of Directors according to your level of holdings. Dave and I, being the President and Vice President and...well -- you too will -- own a rock and roll bar."

The Cantrells have also retained a knowledgeable attorney who is helping them navigate the legalities of taking on new shareholders -- which, by the way, requires a minimum $1,000 buy-in. Interested? Have at it. Drop Shalonda a line.

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