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Evil Eddie Richards

If electronic music has been around long enough to have dinosaurs, then Evil Eddie Richards could be considered one. Richards (due at Shelter this Saturday, July 15) was among the first DJs to break house music in the U.K. during the '80s burgeoning rave scene. The original warehouse parties where he spun established the U.K. as the center of the rave universe, and the sound eventually blossomed into a worldwide phenomenon, with Richards's work influencing DJs everywhere. As the style grew, so did demand for those jocks, prompting many of them to become greedy. Richards established the Dy-Na-Mix booking agency in an effort to keep promoters from being ripped off; in the process, he gained a reputation for being one of the more ethical figures on the scene. His production work over the years has landed him on the British charts, with remixes for acts such as the Shamen and Louie Vega, while his labels -- Lunar Tunes, Storm, Othersound and Dynamix -- have released dozens of pivotal house and techno tunes in the last decade, keeping Richards off the "extinct" list.
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Timothy Pittz