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Faun Fables

Like a troupe of wayward minstrels lost in the woods en route to Canterbury, circa 1369, Faun Fables spins a fairy-tale romance that combines pagan imagery with wildly costumed musical theater. As if that wasn't weird enough, Dawn "the Faun" McCarthy delivers her unsettling allegories about magical mice and bloodthirsty wolves in an unearthly vocal range of operatic wailing, tribal grunts and piercing yodels. Seemingly in a persistent state of childlike wonder, the native from Washington State's Spokane Valley teams up with flutist Nils Frykdahl (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum) for a heady Wiccan spectacle that approximates Yma Sumac grappling with the Brothers Grimm in a pastoral haze of unplugged Led Zeppelin. Touring in support of last year's Drag City release, Family Album, the duo gets medieval on your arse, headlining an eclectic bill with Porlolo and Januar. This intimate evening of fireside folklore in honor of Mother Nature comes highly recommended for Dionysian revelers, fans of Pan or anyone who cares to brush up on their Middle English.
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John La Briola