Fear Before the March of Flames shortens its moniker

Although we suspected this last week when we spoke with David Marion and later when we received the advance of his band's new album, we got confirmation from Marion at the group's show at the Marquis this past Friday: The band heretofore known as Fear Before the March of Flames will now be known simply as Fear Before. Marion's response last week in our extended Q&A about the name of the new record makes a bit more sense now in this context.

Bassist Mike Madruga says the modified moniker is more fitting of who the band is now. “The long version of the name was good for us in the beginning because it was interesting and stood out," says Madruga. "It paralleled our mentality of playing the music we were writing because we told ourselves, 'If we can pull off having this name, we had better be able to pull off the music we were writing.' The new album is ten strong songs, no fillers or tag-ons... and we want the band name to replicate that.”

We've seen the band perform the new songs live, and let's just say that FDR knew what he was talking about when he said, "The only thing we have to fear is Fear itself." -- Dave Herrera

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