Fifteen Denver Album Releases for November 2016

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8. Big City Drugs, with Low Forms and Born Dumb
Friday, November 11

Big City Drugs, the punk band whose members are all comedians, is finally releasing its debut EP.

9. Oscar Ross, with Ol' Hickory and M. Florea
Syntax Physic Opera
Saturday, November 12

When not running Sailor Records and Roll the Jax, doctor and parent Oscar Ross finds the time to write and record solo acoustic material, and his latest release is Get Along.

10. CRL CRRLL, with AT.PLAY, Corbin Dallas, DJ Low Key, DJ E-Trane
Lost Lake Lounge
Sunday, November 13

CRL CRRLL occupies a place between EDM, house, hip-hop and R&B with always surprising and creative results. His set at Cloak & Dagger 2016 was one of the most entrancing of the festival; Catch Me If You Can is his latest EP.

11. Cheap Perfume, with Candace, Allout Helter and Hotel Bar
Sunday, November 13

This Colorado Springs-based feminist punk band, which includes former Abracastabya members David Grimm and Geoff Brent, has the kind of pointed, witty and intensely energetic songs you'd hope for. Nailed It is the group's fiery debut.

12. Never Kenezzard, with Ora, The Terminals, DJ Vahco Before Horses and VJ Cheyen Grow
Globe Hall
Friday, November 18

Ryan Peru is known by many for his ambient project Mondo Obscure and his fantastic video work with 75 Ohms. But for a short while now, he's been playing guitar and singing with sludge-rock trio Never Kenezzard, whose debut album, Never Say..., can be heard and purchased at this release show.

13. Time, Extra Kool, Mirror Fears, Jaclyn Nucci and Shock & Dash
Larimer Lounge
Friday, November 18

Time is a rapper who combines surreal imagery and sounds with thoughtful social commentary. This show is for the official release of Ephelant and Time's collaborative album How to Sew Wounds With Words.

14. The Beeves, with Velveteers, Meeting House and The Ephinjis
Seventh Circle Music Collective
Friday, November 25

Erie-based band the Beeves have really only been playing out for less than a year, but their energetic live shows have already made a splash with fans. To some listeners, these guys sound like they've drawn more than a bit from the Offspring and Weezer, and they display a musical chemistry reminiscent of Mike Watt and D. Boone of Minutemen fame. This show celebrates the release of their self-titled debut EP.

15. Kayla Marque
Syntax Physic Opera
Sunday, November 27

Kayla Marque's songwriting erases the boundaries between down-tempo R&B and more imaginative electronic pop. With her new full-length album, Live and Die Like This, Marque masterfully demonstrates her gift for blending melancholia and soulfulness.
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