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Five Day Messiah

New Rock Regime opens with a sloppy, R2D2-sampling piss-take of a techno song; thirteen tracks later, it closes with a cover of CCR's "Fortunate Son." Somewhere in the middle, Ozzy's "Crazy Train" is plagiarized. Of course, this all gives no indication as to what Five Day Messiah itself actually sounds like: four snotty, clever young men taking on punk rock like Bruce Campbell takes on horror films. Heavy and infectious, these songs are probably better written than their creators would like you to know: In them, power-chord hooks are buried under a mudslide of distortion, screamed vocals and what could only be called "loose playing." Eschewing any pretense of artiness or sensitivity, anthems such as "Lee Greenwood You Motherfucker" and "Rock With a Vengeance" go straight for the throat with full-on rock riffs, hard-core propulsion and no small amount of chaotic fun. (See
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Jason Heller
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