Flier of the Week: Andrea Ball at hi-dive

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Looking at the image on this week's top flier, we can't help but agree. There's a story there, it's worth at least a thousand words and three of them have to be WTF?

The Buddha-bellied, dog-eared, blank-eyed demon is certainly attention-grabbing. Also, the elephant feet. And why is he holding a fly swatter? It's like something from a particularly cartoonish yet seriously twisted Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

And if you'd never heard Andrea Ball's music, you might wonder what it is about her work that would call for such a creepy image. Honestly, we have heard it, and we're not sure. But the picture stopped and made us look, and in the flier world, that's call for unfurling a great, big "Mission Accomplished" banner.

The design elements are functional and serve to leave the focus squarely on the image itself. and that's fine, because frankly, it would take some kind of horrible, clashing color scheme and flashing type to draw our attention away from this evil little bastard's vacant stare... It's like he's looking into our souls.

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