Flier of the Week: Danielle Ate the Sandwich at Everyday Joe's

This week's top flier rode into that slot on a wave of nostalgia (and indigestion). That image of a classic TV dinner poked us deep int he subconscious and stirred up memories of being plunked down in front of the old boob tube in our youth, served up with Swanson's finest so mom and dad could have a date night.

Any minute the cool babysitter that lets us watch horror movies and teaches us to play poker will be here. And come to think of it, that babysitter looked a lot like Danielle Ate the Sandwich, so it's totally appropriate.

Seriously, though, we like the choice of such a weird image for a flier. The originality of choosing something so offbeat was attention grabbing, and the fact that it did kick up a wave of nostalgia for bad, bad meals that we thought were so good back in the day was just a bonus. We'd also like to note that the choice of a script font for the type, and the excellent balance of the layout, gives it a touch of class -- kind of like eating your TV dinner with a silver spoon.

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