Flier of the Week: Dead Confederate at the Bluebird

Our favorite flier of the week this time out goes to this gem informing us of a lovely show featuring Dead Confederate, The Overcasters and Hawks of Paradise this Friday, July 17 at the Bluebird. It received top honors this week for its vaguely steampunk vibe, reminding us of futures past that never will be (click on the image for a bigger version).

Some odd (and possibly unintentional) confluence of the image, type and names just put us in mind of the golden age of pulp fiction, when Flash Gordon, Tarzan and John Carter were busy having manly-man type adventures in space, the deepest jungles and various lost cities. Those oddball, antique goggles started it, but the vaguely art deco looking fonts and band names that sound like they could be story names from that era really cemented it. And sure, it looks to be a good show, but we'd buy that magazine in a heartbeat too, to read the tale of the lonely dead Confederate, learn the secret behind the mysterious society of weather-controlling Overcasters and catch up on the latest installment of The Hawks of Paradise serial!

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