Flier of the Week: Get Down at Beta Friday, July 3

Our flier of the week is a doozy this time around. It's for the Get Down party, which is moving to Beta this Friday, July 3, bringing a whole slew of talent including Whygee & Brikabrak, Input, 1984 and a bunch more. But most importantly, for FotW purposes, it gives us this incredible, candy-colored, tangerine-flake monstrosity of a show flier. What you see here is just a tiny part of the whole thing -- it was simply too big to fit in the blog, even in a reduced size/fidelity. The tiny slice you see here is full of pill bombs, graffiti-styled text, psychedelic sneakers ... it's like a hip-hop party on The Yellow Submarine! And lower down, you get AT-AT silhouettes, teddy-bear ghosts, pot leaves, and a dinosaur, among other fun stuff. That's good time in my book. To see the whole thing, click through to the jump -- but be warned, it's frigging huge and may take a while to load.

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