Flier of the Week: Hearts of Palm at hi-dive

This week's flier breaks most of the rules of good design -- there are too many fonts, it's busy and, arguably, cluttered, the color palette is all over the map -- but that just goes to show that sometimes, the rules are meant to be broken. Because even though this crazy-quilt collage might make your design teacher's head explode, it also pretty much explodes off the page. Or screen, in this case.

From the weird, wooden-looking, Escheresque Hearts of Palm logo to the tiny little fishes next to the ancient-Greek-philosopher type dude, this glorious mess is just a pleasure to behold. Maybe it works because it draws on the same kind of "madcap mix of too many elements that shouldn't work together but do" energy made the band so great, thus evoking them subconsciously. Or maybe we have swine flu and the fever is messing with our perceptions. Whatever the case, we dig it. And you can click on it to see a bigger version.

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