Flier of the Week: Hello Kavita at hi-dive

The aesthetics of this week's flier match the aesthetics of the band so well, we couldn't help but pick it as our top design of the week -- that, and the dude with the pipe reminded us of our stint in the Church of the SubGenius (all hail Bob!). The old-timey, yet slightly off-kilter graphics and background print are a pretty solid match for Hello Kavita, a band that embraces the folksy, Americana sound but isn't afraid to get a little weird. The font choice and type placement is excellent, too -- it not only doesn't get in the way of the design, it genuinely acts as part of it. The sum total is not flashy, but manages to catch the eye, draw you in and communicate effectively -- well done! To have a look at a larger version of the flier, just click on it.

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