Flier of the Week: Henchmen and Royal Dead at Cervantes'

For reminding me of the Golden Age of movie lobby posters, this flier for local promoter Zombie Rock's show tomorrow night at Cervantes' has earned the nod for flier of the week. Its bold, stark colors, simple, line-illustrated style and suggestion of unspeakable horror proved to be an irresistible combination for me. With a slightly different layout, this could be a great movie poster for a Herschell Gordon Lewis flick and since the days when this kind of art graced movie theater lobbies is long since over, it's all the more exciting to see it repped in band fliers. And the bands fit right in with the style, which helps. The Henchmen and the Royal Dead (a local band currently touring with the Henchmen) are both fine, upstanding psychobilly rockers, and I'm sure the other bands on the bill trade in the same revved up, horrorpunk surf sounds. You can get more details at Zombie Rock's MySpace page.

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