Flier of the Week: Hot Robots at Old Curtis Street Bar

It's a well-established fact that chicks dig robots. And when it comes to chicks like the micro-skirted, go-go-booted stunner here, we can see how robots -- even hot robots -- would feel the same way. Heck, we'd put her on our flier, too.

Apart from the universal appeal of attractive women in skimpy clothing and festishistic footwear, this flier is really taking some chances. Look at that color scheme, for example -- it's like it's puking directly into our eyes. The fonts are a little jumbled too, and didn't that faux cut-and-paste thing lose its luster long ago? In other words, hottie aside, this shouldn't really work.

But it does.

Somehow this flier takes one sure thing and a lot of disjointed elements that not only shouldn't work together, they shouldn't work at all, and manages to coalesce them into a cool piece of stylish Warholian pop art. We're not sure what kind of alchemical process the designer undertook to get there, but bravo: it worked.

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