Flier of the Week: Inactivists at the D-Note

Oh, sweet monster-movie goodness! I'm beginning to think you all are designing just for me (not that I mind). This week's fancy-pants flier (click on it for a bigger version) pays homage to the movie-monster icons of yesteryear with a sweet mashup on the classic Bride of Frankenstein to promote the Inactivists with Mourning Sickness and Little Dead Things tomorrow night at the D-Note in Arvada. What's really cool about this, besides the impeccable taste inherent in ganking such a classic image, is the way that they integrated their own text so seamlessly. I mean, if you'd never seen this image before, would you even know they borrowed it from an old movie? The fonts are complementary, the layout is clean and now I want to go try and synch up Bride with the last Inactivists album, in finest Wizard of Oz/Pink Floyd style.

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