Flier of the Week: Laser Palace at Rhinoceropolis

If M.C. Escher was into doing collage, we think he might come up with something a lot like this week's flier of the week. The bizarre, impossible geometry and wash of colors of the main image is eye catching, as a good flier should be. But it's the weird little almost-there details lurking in the background that really push this one over the top.

At first it looks to be just abstract shapes and color back there, but after a second it becomes apparent there's a whole world -- hell, several of them -- just below the surface. There's a dude there, a couple pairs of animal eyes, a spacescape ... we're not even sure what else. It's blowing our minds, dudes.

It's for a release party for Bocumast Records new sister label Laser Palace, and features a fine array of whacko experimental bands. From what we know of these bands, the design fits them well -- weird, deep and more than meets the eye, and all put together with a deceptive amount of skill and care. Good stuff.

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