Flier of the Week: Motet NYE

New Year's Eve is just around the corner and we have to say, the slew of excellent posters we saw advertising equally excellent events for the evening (and the next day) bode well for the new year. After some careful consideration we chose this lovely poster for the Motet's NYE shindig at Cervantes' for the top slot. Unlike the majority of our recent selections, where the dominant image dictated our choice, this one is a triumph of pure design. Immaculate balance in layout, a vibrant yet perfectly tuned color palate, complementary typography and skillful use of simple, abstract visual elements all blend into one sweet package. We dig it, in other words. It's a great high note to end the year on, design-wise, and if it's an omen of things to come, we look forward to a whole slew of great fliers in the year to come. Happy New Year.
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