Flier of the Week: Native, Colors, Solar Bear at Highlands Ranch house party

Update: If you're wondering what a house show in Highlands Ranch looks like -- uh, like, say the one mentioned below -- wonder no more. Video after the jump.

This week's top flier is advertising a show for cutting edge sounds of local acts Solar Bear, Colors, So Yeah, We're Werewolves and Indiana-based Native at ... a house party in Highlands Ranch? Pretty strange place for this line-up (who knew people like this were even allowed into Highlands Ranch?) but hey, you go where the rock takes you. Anyway, this flier breaks probably every rule of good design except one -- it's eye catching. And sometimes that's all you need. For whatever reason, the bizarre "ransom note composed by a schizophrenic meth addict" aesthetic of this poster just captured the mood this week, earning this the nod over several other fine posters we saw out and about and on the Internets. Maybe it's the Where's Waldo-esque fun of picking out the elements that comprise the thing? I spot some Rolling Stone font use and I think I see Brad Pitt... anyway, as always, you can click on it to see it larger.

Solar Bear Live

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