Flier of the Week: Post-Thanksgiving Rock Down

We're all familiar with the phrase "so wrong it's right" but it's rare that we come across an image that exemplifies that familiar idea as perfectly as this week's top flier. We feel a little dirty just looking at it -- liking it as much as we do surely indicates there's something wrong with us. Be that as it may, we dig the hell out of it and as soon as we saw it we knew it was going to get the nod this week. And while the image itself is too good/bad to be true, the supporting design work is also worthy of mention -- the typefaces work well together, the layout is balanced and ... hell, who are we kidding. We'd have picked this even if the text had been hastily scrawled on in crayon. We simply cannot resist the lure of a cartoon cheerleader stripping naked and smiling broadly as she hurtles toward certain horrible maiming. Click on the image to see it in larger form, and head out to see the fine lineup of Alan Alda, St. Elias, Ideal Fathers and Yellfire the day after Thanksgiving -- you'll need a break from the family by then, anyway.

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