Flier of the Week: Snake Rattle Rattle Snake at Larimer Lounge

Our reason for picking this week's flier of the week winner can be explained in a single word: GAMERA! Our love for Japanese kaiju in general, and Japan's most awesome turtle in particular, means we pretty much knew this appropriated image of Gamera was going to get the top honors as soon as we saw it.

How can you not love a giant, toothy turtle that flies by jet power, shoots fire out of his mouth and is immune to almost everything other kaiju could throw at him including, "flying monster Gyaos' sonic beam, the alien shark Zigra's paralyzing beam, and the mutant lizard Barugon's rainbow ray cannot penetrate Gamera's shell." Plus he was the friend to children everywhere, and the cast of MST3k wrote him a great theme song that starts off thus:

Gamera is really neat. Gamera is filled with meat. We've been eating Gamera!

What's not to like? Anyway, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake won our hearts and minds for loving Gamera as much as we do, so nice work. And if you want to hear the Gamera song in full (several versions of it actually) just click through the jump.

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