Flier of the Week: Snake Rattle Rattle Snake at the Bluebird

Snake Rattle Rattle Snake's debut headlining performance at the Bluebird is a momentous occasion, so it's no surprise that the poster promoting it is suitably momentous as well.

The flier definitely turned our head when we walked by it the other day, prompting us to head straight the computer to find a digital copy for inclusion in this week's Pole Position.

The design here is excellent. We like the use of the band's name in giant size at the top -- as we said, it's kind of a big deal, so the name should be dominant. The use of "bubbles" placed in a symmetric pattern around the image works well and seems suggested by the image itself.

And the image. Yeah, that's freaking cool. Is it a astrological design? Something from an alchemy text? Whatever it is, it's both eye-catching and well-fitting in terms of "feel" with Snake Rattle Rattle Snake's style. Muscular, mysterious and just a tiny bit magical or not-of-this-world.

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