Flier of the Week: Sub.Mission Thursdays

Our top flier of the week comes to us from Sub.Mission's Thursday residency at Sutra. This one's been floating around for a while but somehow escaped our attention until now. No matter, we caught it just in time before it expired. From the weird, abstract, "virtual-reality walkthrough of the Parthenon" line art laid over gathering storm clouds to the cute touch of a hand grenade surrounded by flowers, the image is a winner -- saying nothing yet somehow suggesting everything. That visual element and the vibe of this lovely flier recall the halcyon days of rave fliers, without the jumbled, overly busy layout that most of those "classic" fliers suffered from. To the contrary, the clean, understated, minimalist layout and typography on display here are the very model of restraint -- and of good design. For this, it gets the nod this week. As usual, you can click on the flier to see a bigger version.

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