Flier of the Week: Tauntaun at hi-dive

This week's top flier is for what's sure to be a lovely hi-dive evening with masters of metal Tauntaun, plus Lions and the Bronze, next Tuesday, August 16. No matter ow the show goes, we already have this incredible poster in our (virtual) hands, so we've already won. The stark, high contrast black/white design with a minimum of gray tones that's used both in the poster and the actual image just make the whole thing pop even more, really allowing the image to dominate. And this week, it is all about the image. Sure, the type is fine, the layout is clean and balanced, blah blah blah. But just look at that fucking panda! You could put that fierce, bad panda in the middle of a jumbled mess of alphabet soup and it would still be the most awesome image you'd see all week. Bamboo? Hell no, this panda wants blood. Preferably yours. It is, by far, the most metal panda we have ever seen -- a nice fit for Tauntaun. Click on it and you'll get it even bigger.

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