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Flier of the Week: Tauntaun at Larimer Lounge

It's a bat! It's a beast! It's our flier of the week!

And as to what "it" is, we've determined it's a dog (we're no dog experts, but it looks like a boxer, right?) hanging upside down. Presumably the upside-downing was done via Photoshop, because we know every time we try to hang our dogs upside down like that, they totally freak out, despite how cool they look while doing it. Dogs just don't care enough about looking cool.

Anyway, this week's top flier takes that bat/monster/dog image and mates it with a muted color palette to excellent effect. It's hard to take black, white and a few shades of gray and create something so evocative and eye-catching, so this definitely earns bonus points for the success there.

The use of that dotted pattern adds a subtle depth as well, and the typography is near-perfect in font choice, color, layout and the subtle curvature used both at the top of the flier and in the date/location info wrapped around the line-up. Add it all up and you have one excellent flier and an easy choice for our pick this week.


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