Flier of the Week: The Fabulous Boogienauts at Bender's

Once we saw this flier, there was no question as to whether it would be our flier of the week. I mean, come on! If you think there's any way we could resist that image of a disco ball transformed into a UFO,


you have no idea how we feel about either disco balls or UFOs. The sexpot alien silhouette and super-groovy retro-styled type that comprise the Fabulous Boogienaut's logo didn't hurt a bit, either. And although the fonts used to display the tagline of "We have returned" and the time-date-place-price info clash a tiny bit, we forgive them since they both have a sci-fi flair that digs into the nerdiest parts of our nerdy hearts. As usual, if you want to see this fine image larger, just give it a click.

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