Flier of the Week: The Other Russia at Rex Lounge

If this week's top flier pick is any indication, The Other Russia is a scary place. At least, it's a scary place in a kind of slightly campy, '70s horror movie lobby poster way. And it in no way hurts that The Other Russia would be a great name for a '70s horror movie.

It looks like a minor Dario Argento rip-off that might have played at second-rate grindhouses and a few Midwestern drive-ins around 1976. We would have totally went and seen that movie.Something about the twin bird/snake faced sisters with the tentacular hair is quite fetching. And their zombie/vampire guardian/buddy down below is just a nice bonus.

Now, the layout of the text more or less destroys the movie poster illusion, but we forgive it because it actually works quite well as concert flier text, which is what it actually is. The colors are also just about perfect. All told, another great flier.

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