Flier of the Week: This Hunter Dragon poster has a weird sense of depth that's well balanced and eye pleasing

Our top flier this week is the work of the folks at Bocumast, the record label/design house that's home to Astrophagus, Cougar Legs, Iuengliss and many other fine acts. Its intriguing use of color and collage caught our eye right away, but there are several other subtle things going on here that really pushed it over the top for us.

The fractured typography used to display the headliner and the weird sketch seem fitting to the music, which is a nice touch -- even if you've never heard Hunter Dragon, it's attention-getting and effective.

The use of multiple layers in the collage gives this poster a weird sense of depth that, even on a computer screen, gives the impression you could lift the individual elements off if you wished to do so. The division of the bottom third of the poster via color reinforced that, and also helps put the emphasis on the Hunter Dragon while allowing the rest of the lineup and vital stats to be displayed clearly. The total effect is well balanced and eye pleasing.

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