Flier of the Week: Three Bad Jacks at Benders Tavern

Another week, another badass flier. This one is from a fine designer named Nix, who does a lot of work for the promoters Zombie Rock here in town. This classic and classy looking poster, advertising Three Bad Jacks and Mad Dog & the Smoking Jays at Benders this Saturday, shows some excellent little touches that put it over the top. The rocker/monster girl's voluptuous curves are set off by her bad posture. Her skull face manages to convey a creepy come-hither look that we'll be seeing in our nightmares. The delicate false aging lines in the design suggest this is a relic from a bygone era. Add all that up, throw in the excellent typography and you've got one nice looking poster. It caught our eye, anyway. Check out the larger version by clicking on it.
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