Update 1/20/12: Some sad news just coming in from California just now. Etta James has reportedly passed away at the age of 73 due to complications associated with leukemia. RIP, Etta.

Flo Rida's "Good Feeling" goes platinum, revives Etta James sample

Originally posted 1/11/12:

Etta James is having a hell of a year. Aside from battling leukemia and dementia, being hospitalized for nearly two weeks in December due to respiratory problems and suffering from kidney disease, James has been in the news for another reason: Her vocals from "Something's Got a Hold on Me" are being sampled on some of the hottest tracks in the electronic and Top 40 pop-rap world. The singer was released from the hospital at almost the exact same time that Flo Rida's "Good Feeling," which samples her voice, was certified platinum. Page down to see which other recent songs have sampled the same James track from 1962, including "Finally Moving," by Pretty Lights.

Artist: Etta James Song: "Something's Got a Hold on Me" (1962) James might not have predicted that her gospel hit, co-written by Leroy Kirkland and Pearl Woods, would remain popular into the 21st century, but her "Sometimes I get a good feeling, I get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no, no," has received more spins this past year than a Vegas roulette wheel, thanks to Pretty Lights, Aviici, Flo Rida and Skrillex.

Artist: Pretty Lights Song: "Finally Moving" (2006) Derek Vincent Smith originally brought the sample out on this chill track that sent his career skyrocketing into the galaxies of success in coffee shops everywhere. His sample is the slowest of all the songs that use it, and is definitely soothing on the ears.

Artist: Flo Rida Song: "Good Feeling" (2011) Flo Rida is the master of some catchy hooks, (see "Low") and brought on a crew of writers including Dr. Luke, Arash Pournouri, Breyen Isaac and electronic prodigy Tim Bergling (Avicii). The song credits Avicii with the sample, and uses the dance track under the rapper's vocals as well.

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Artist: Avicii Song:"Le7els" (2011) Tim Bergling, who is credited with the writing of Flo Rida's version, and whose track plays under his rapping, also sampled the famed Etta James vocal on "Levels," a song that is spun at damn near every electronic-house show. (You can catch Avicii this weekend at the Boulder Theatre...if you are one of the lucky 1,000 that were able to get tickets.)

Artist: Skrillex Song: "Levels" (remix) (2011) Sonny Moore wastes no time in picking up the hottest tracks, reworking them with his trademark bass lines, then staking claim on the song. "Levels" reworked cuts the dance out and goes straight for the jugular with heavy drops and grimy bass.

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