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Flobots hawk collectibles on eBay to raise funds for its non-profit

Got a massive pile of loot burning a hole in your pocket? Yeah, neither do we. If you do happen to scrape some nickels together, however, Flobots are conducting a pair of auctions on eBay right now that might interest you. In an effort to raise funds for their non-profit,, the band has offered up a few collectibles, including a painting by Laurie Maves depicting Flobots and the Fray at their recent Bring On Bowling Ball. The art is signed by members of both outfits. Other items the act is pedaling include tickets to the Dethklok/Mastodon show, a pair to see Clutch at the Fillmore and Creed/Stain at Fiddler's Green, and the signed guitar pictured above, which appears to be misidentified on the actual auction page as a Squire Stratocaster (looks more like a Squire Telecaster, if you ask us, fellas, but what do we know?). From the looks of it, neither of the signed items have been bid on yet, so make your way over there if you're so inclined.

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Dave Herrera
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