Former Primasonic frontman starts new Post 303 channel, Clampdown Radio, and a new band

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Sindo Lamas, the former frontman of Primasonic has been involved in radio off and on since the '80s. He recently launched Clampdown Radio, which grew out of his involvement with Post 303 Radio. Now a channel of Post 303, Clampdown (the name is a reference to the Clash song), features about 90 percent local indie bands with the remaining 10 percent being made up of indie band from around the globe.

"Getting on the air at Post 303 made me want to start up something of my own, says Lamas. "I love the local scene and wanted to expose some great Denver bands to the world, so they can see what they're missing by listening to commercial radio."

Since starting in February, Lamas says his listener base has grown daily, with people tuning in from various parts of the world, from Spain, Germany and Japan to India, Iran and Italy. "But the main focus is Denver and the surrounding areas," he clarifies. "Always will be. We have a vibrant scene with great bands playing all sorts of amazing music -- genres be damned! It's not abnormal to hear Bad Luck City followed by the Blackouts followed by the Informants followed by Speedwolf."

Lamas says at the moment most programming is on a random rotation (think Jack FM but with much edgier music), but starting next week we will have programmed shows and live shows. If that weren't enough to keep him busy, he also has a new band, Shoot the Runner, which includes Chris Moreno of the SOB's, Dose and Denver Maulers, with whom he's been working on material with over the last few years. Lamas says that while Primasonic was great garage/punk/rock band, this project is more experimental.

"There are electronic elements as well as less screaming," he notes. "The punk attitude is still there...but in a subtler way. The songs are also darker lyrically. Think Nick Cave meets Ministry in the Black Keys' garage, and they all get wasted and jam."

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