Today slice of World Wide Weirdness comes courtesy of the videography of Ceven Knowles, the musical act Stark Effect, a girl named Miriam and the bizarre phenomena of mic-in tracks. See, back in the ancient days of file sharing, a popular MP3 program used to name its recordings "mic in track" followed by a number and these tracks, which lived in the programs default music directory, were frequently unwittingly shared with all the other grubby little music pirates of the world. Most of this stuff was almost certainly never intended for public consumption, which is why so much of it is so damn awesome. Anyway, some crazy musicians (Stark Effect) decided to sample some of these crazy recordings and then some crazy videographer (Knowles) matched them with some images and voila -- the video you'll find after the jump. As a bonus, if you visit Stark Effect's mic in track page, he has dozens of raw mic in tracks for your amusement (and sampling, if you like that sort of thing).

Freaky Friday: "Bunny Rabbits, Satan, Cheese and Milk"

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