Freaky Friday: Carl Sagan - "A Glorious Dawn" ft. Stephen Hawking

Today's entry has been growing on me for a few days. It's an AutoTuned cutup of Carl Sagan's Cosmos turned into a loving ode to science and our stellar potential that sounds like it could be a lost track from Boards of Canada or one of those other "listening electronica" acts from the late '90s. It's smart and nerdy and beautiful, just like the woman who showed it to me. Oh, and Stephen Hawking does a guest verse, which is fucking awesome. MC Hawking FTW!

It's also garnered half a million views in the two weeks it's been on the nets, so if you've already seen it, I apologize. Wait, no I don't. Just watch it again. It's a good reminder that, "If we don't destroy ourselves, we will, one day, venture to the stars." Fuck yes, Mr. Sagan. That's a message we need to think about more often.

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