Freaky Friday: "City of Crime"

Ah, the '80s. Was there ever a decade more full of cheese? More eager to turn vital art and cultural movements into cheap novelties? More ready to make anyone and everyone that lived through them look idiotic? Hell no! And, gods willing, there never will be again. Once was plenty, thanks. Need evidence? Look no further than this sterling artifact from the year 1987 called "City of Crime" that utterly eviscerates hip-hop, Tom Hanks and the once-proud Dragnet franchise in one short clip. How bad is it? So bad it makes "The Superbowl Shuffle" look like a legitimate artistic statement. So bad it should have, by all rights, effectively ended Tom Hanks's career the second it was released. So fucking bad it circles all the way back around to good, passes that and ends up in the realm of greatness. Think I'm overstating my case? Hit that jump, watch it and you'll see for yourself.

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