Freaky Friday: Jesus Loves the Little Stereotypes

Today's video is an object lesson in how good intentions (bringing the diverse children of the world to Jesus) combined with raw ignorance and ethnic insensitivity can, with the benefit of a little time, lead to pure, unbridled hilarity. It's a clip reportedly taped off a public access show some years back (mid-'90s perhaps?) and it's a bizarre, farcical puppet rendition of the old-time classic "Jesus Loves the Little Children." Only here, the children are racist stereotypes that would make Franklin, Gob's offensive puppet sidekick from Arrested Development, blush in embarrassment. And they even come complete with their own, ethnically themed and wholly offensive musical cues! Gape in slack-jawed awe at the ignorance, after the break. And thanks to fellow Westword scribe Quibian Salazar-Moreno for turning me on to this.

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