Freaky Friday: "Obama Flashback" - Autotune the News

President Barack Obama has just passed his historic first 100 days in office and what better way to look back on it than via a goofy YouTube mashup via the magic of AutoTune? None. None better way, I say. And so I present to you "Obama Flashback," a look at some of the highs, but mostly lows, of his first 100 days, as AutoTune turns it all into automagical robot goodness -- especially the wingnut TV talking heads getting all frothy at various "transgressions" and Glen Beck singing to a cow. Yeah, really. If only they had waited to include Hannity's ultimately stupid "elitist European condiment" line. Ah well, there's always the first year recap! Video awaits after the jump!

(Thanks to John Macy for posting this on the DMB, where it found its way to me via AutoTune elves. And yes, I realize this is two AutoTuned novelties in a row from me. Next week, something new and mind-blowingly stupid without AutoTune, I promise.)

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