Freaky Friday: Rappin' Granny gets her smoke on

This week's Freaky Friday entry teaches us that you're never, ever too old to make a complete and utter ass of yourself. Like, say, by releasing a vanity novelty rap video about how spry you are at your advanced age.

And while we do admire anyone who still has the energy and verve to try new things, much less swing over a creek on a rope (yes, that happens in the video) in their sixties, we can't help but note the sheer incompetence oozing out of every frame of the video.

Let's start with the "beat" which is just a bar of brushed snare and two notes on a bass guitar, lopped for the entire four minute song (okay, there's a little banjo here and there for variety, not that it helps). And while we don't expect much out of the MC skills of senior citizens, we'd can't help but notice the stilted delivery and questionable rhymes -- "I'm over sixty and that's no jokin/ I've given up tobacco but I'm still smokin" ... if only she was talking about weed...

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