Freaky Friday: Walk a mile in this amputee rapper's shoe

If the world of hip-hop is big enough to encompass any imaginable subject, then the world of novelty rap is even bigger, for it can encompass any number of unimaginable subjects (like how spry your granny is, or maybe how Christians aren't supposed to hug from the front before marriage). Today's video, for example, is an awkward, stumbling white-boy rap song about how life is still awesome, even after amputation.

Now, we're a hundred percent behind the message and the idea that one shouldn't let a handicap ruin their experience of life. And we love people expressing themselves, even when they aren't particularly good at the medium they've chosen. So understand it is with the greatest of affection when we say that this song is one hilarious trainwreck.

It has all the hallmarks of a ridiculous, clueless novelty rap tune. Utter lack of flow? CHECK! Completely cliched backing track? CHECK! Really, really silly (intentionally so, at least some of the time) rhymes? CHECK! Crappy camera work? CHECK! Incompetent performances by all the supporting cast? CHECK! We could go on, but you get the point. And now, the video in question ...

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