Free stuff welcomes you to the world of max3

So earlier this week, we wrote about the locally based digital download boutique max3 being up and running. It's in beta form and right now they are giving away more awesome free stuff (and also some awesome not free stuff, but that's another blog post all together) in addition to the Photo Atlas downloads we mentioned. Specifically, you can start with the Mile Hi Fidelity compilation, six tracks by Born in the Flood, the Overcasters, Dressy Bessy, Photo Atlas, Young Coyotes and the Epilogues. If you don't already own all the tracks on it, it's a nice comp.

Dig a little deeper and you will find the album gallery which contains a few free gems, such as the complete works of Hearts of Palm (two EPs/nine songs) and the awesome Bocumast Instances Vol. 1 comp (reviewed here). It's a nice intro to what could be a major new player in the digital download arena! To get all this stuff you'll have to register for an account (painless) and install a small download manager app (irritating), but that's a small price to pay for so much great music in such a convenient form.

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