Free Tauntaun show Saturday at Wax Trax for Record Store Day

It's not just big, name-brand superstar acts contributing to the orgy of dead technology, outmoded business models and rampant nostalgia that is Record Store Day. No, local acts are in on the fun, too! What that means for you is that this Saturday, April 18, you can catch Denver's own retro-metal thrash magicians Tauntaun (as seen in this March 5 feature) at a free, in-store show at the venerable Wax Trax Records. Also on the bill are Crack Magik and the Get Down. It's free, it's all ages and it starts at 2 p.m. If you still like owning your music on physical media, swing by early, because starting at noon Wax Trax is having a sidewalk sale as part of the event. Viva la vinyl!

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