Free-to-play Guitar Hero lookalike launches beta for Facebook

Hey there. How's your day going so far? Productive? That's good, because your entire afternoon is about to get wasted. Here's why:Instant JamA free-to-play music-and-rhythm game for Facebook has just entered its beta -- and provided you're not on a Mac, you can start toying around with it now. Farmville, prepare to be destroyed.

What makes Instant Jam different from its console brethren is simple: It's free, you can use songs from your own music library, and it's compatible with keyboards or USB guitar controllers. Once it officially launches, you'll also be able to embed the game into your own website, so even the thirteen people in the universe without Facebook accounts will be able to play. It's an interesting take on what otherwise appears to be a dying genre.

Of course, the real test will come when the game officially launches, when micro-transactions, gifting and all that other Facebook-related nonsense starts pestering you while you attempt to update your friends about the awesome burger you just ate. Even so, we'll admit we'd rather see updates like "Friend unlocked hard mode in '2112'" or "You've been gifted a bat head" than some ridiculous fake farming updates. Screw being a farmer. We want to be rock stars.

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