Freeloader: An exclusive download from the Knew's forthcoming album

On Saturday, March 6 at the Bluebird, the Knew will be releasing Pulpería, its eagerly anticipated debut full-length, in the company of the Photo Atlas, Common Anomaly, Jonny Woodrose & The Broken Hearted Woodpeckers and DJ Iridel. Although that date's still a little less than a month away, the band has shared an exclusive track from the new album with us that we're of course now sharing with you.

Recorded at Macy Sound Studio by Nick Sullivan from American Relay and Peña, the record, mastered at Airshow by Jim Wilson, has all the fire of 2007's Holladay and 2008's Boom Bust EPs, but yet it manages to sound both fuller and brighter. Working with Sullivan, says bassist Tim Rynders, has everything to do with this, says bassist Tim Rynders. He effectively captured the verve of the act's live show, cleaning things up without sacrificing the inherent grit.

"He knew what to do to make this work for us," says Rynders. "He had us do pre-production at Olympic for a couple months before the Macy studio time. He really knows how a rhythm section should sound, and he worked with us on making the bass and drums line up for every single hit."

To that end, Sullivan recorded the rhythm section entirely on analog equipment and used more than twenty mikes on the drumkit. The wax isn't even dry on this record, and the guys were so enlivened by the experience, that they're already looking forward to putting what they picked up from these sessions to use on their next recordings.

"I think most musicians will share our sentiment," Rynders notes, "that at the end of recording, you know exactly how you want to do the next album. I think we learn so much every time we make a record, and it just makes you want to go back for more and capture the sound from a new angle. We've already booked some time to record a loud 7" with Black in Bluhm in May. So we're not stopping here."

Download an exclusive track from the Knew album below, and keep an eye on the act's Facebook and MySpace pages for more new music in the days leading up to the record release party.

MP3: "


" by the Knew

Pulpería Track List:

01. United 02. Gretna 03. Citytown 04. Purple Raincoat 05. Picnic 06. Neckbreaker 07. Still On Fire 08. Just Enough 09. National Icon 10. HLS 11. My Meridian

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