Freeloader: Candy Claws side project Ocean Bump! brings the drone

Feeling a little jittery? Maybe you had too much coffee and you need something to calm your over-stimulated heart? Consider a dose of Ocean Bump! Ocean Bump! (yes, the exclamation point is part of the name) is the project of Candy Claws guitarist Martin, but don't expect anything like that band's sound.

On the freely offered Over the Restlessly Waving Land EP we get three long tracks that breathe and evolve as they slowly unfold. No beats, no melodies, no vocals and no riffs invade the minimal meditative soundscapes on offer.

It's the narcotic haze of shoegaze boiled down to its bare essence and played at one quarter speed. Pure, oceanic ambient drone -- simple, beautiful and evocative if you can appreciate it.

Download Over the Restlessly Waving Land free (Mediafire link)

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