Freeloader: Download Littles Paia discography

Sometimes it takes us a little while to notice things that happen in the obscure parts of the far-off internet world. Such is the case with the Littles Paia discography, which has been slowly making its way onto an oft-missed corner of the web over the course of the last month.

Although Adam Baumeister has been seen peddling steel for Bad Weather California and serving solo dishes as Littles Paia -- he was also a member of the unforgettable Navy Girls, as well as several other projects.

The tracks included here are a collection of many of his appearances and bands as well as his solo stuff. The free tunes range from the folk inspired rock of Littles Paia to the slightly more curious Navy Girls stuff and date back to 1997. Also collected on the site are his re-imagined music videos, one of which is featured above, but all of which are worth checking out in earnest.

What's most inspiring about this collection is the sheer amount of content here. It's a lot of content for one person to have pushed into the world, and we're pretty sure this isn't all of it. Everything from cassette tapes, CDRs and compilation tracks are collected here and most are free to download.

MP3 collection: Littles Paia Discography

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Thorin Klosowski
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