Freeloader: Download Pictureplane's latest mix

Local mishmasher and futurist Pictureplane has released a free new mix over at Dummy Mag called Trance Gender Mix and it's all you've come to expect from him.

The mix comprises a rather diverse set of songs, hopping from Bjork to Lil B then straight into House of Ladosha, all while maintaining the blistery playfulness of his solo material. The management of the material here is exceptional and deserves recognition on its own, even if Pictureplane's best muse still rests with his solo material. Download link and full track list after the jump.

Trance Gender Mix

1. Xeno and Oaklander "Niut" 2. Sy Kick "Nasty Remix" 3. Claude Vonstroke "Who's Afraid of Detroit?" 4. Gucci Vump "Sha! Shtil! (L-VIS 1990 Remix)" 5. Erup "Click Mi Finga (Grahmzilla Remix) 6. Mavado "Gyal End Ovah" 7. Bjork "Army Of Me" 8. Lil B "High Like A Bitch" 9. House of Ladosha "Burning Like Paris" 10. Sy Kick "Upside" 11. Ultravibe "Will They Ever" 12. Tearist "Headless"

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