Freeloader: "Nocturnal Creatures" remix

Just in time for the release of the second installment of the execrable Twilight series (New Moon opens tomorrow, in case you somehow managed to block that horrible truth from your consciousness) we're proud to bring you a vampire-related offering that doesn't suck. It's PJ Stroller's minimal tech remix of the Orange Peel Moses/Friends in Stereo track "Nocturnal Creatures." Stroller's take on the vampiric club anthem features some lovely, swirly metallic pads, a lonely, reverb-soaked melody that feels trance-inspired yet restrained, and a vocal that's pitchshifted down into something truly scary. It's a slick mix that manages to evoke the darkness and move your feet. Plus, no Robert Pattinson and absolutely NO sparkling. Download it below or hit the jump to preview it in an embedded player first.


"Nocturnal Creatures" - Orange Peel Moses (PJ Stroller Sunrise mix)

Orange peel moses "Nocturnal Creatures" (PJ Stroller Sunrise Mix) by Orangepeelmoses

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